ANACNA chooses Silla Industries for electric car charging

Silla Industries is the partner chosen by ANACNA for e-mobility.

Padua, April 8, 2021 - Silla Industries is the partner chosen by ANACNA for e-mobility. The National Association of Air Navigation Assistants and Controllers has in fact entered into a new agreement for its members to support smart mobility, helping air personnel to develop increasingly virtuous behaviors.

A young Italian start-up based in Padua, Silla Industries was born with the aim of contributing to the development of an increasingly clean, efficient and aware world, thanks to innovative technological solutions for the e-mobility sector and for the management of power.

The subject of the agreement reserved for ANACNA members is Prism Solar, a unique product, a real control and management hub between the user and his electric car on the one hand, and between the available energy sources on the other. Universal charger for electric mobility, Prism Solar has unique features and works with all electric vehicles equipped with a fully electric Type2 connector and plug-in hybrid. What makes it unique is a unique combination of cutting-edge technology and performance that allows you to:

  • manage efficiently the energy produced by a photovoltaic system for recharging your car, using the excess energy produced by the system;

  • manage the power available at the home meter, without ever exceeding it, automatically adjusting the charge delivered to the car to avoid voltage drops and blackouts;
  • have control over the device and all the information on the charging status thanks to the possibility of remote access via smartphone, computer and cloud. And if connected via cable to the home router it becomes a real HotSpot repeater to have the internet connection even in the garage and for example to carry out firmware updates of electric vehicles or install an IP video surveillance camera.

Silla Industries

Italian start-up founded by Alberto Stecca and Cristiano Griletti in Padua, Silla Industries with a team of 10 professionals operates in the e-mobility sector. It develops and produces innovative technological solutions for the world of electric mobility and for better energy management both for the consumer market with its own brand products, such as Prism, and by developing custom products for large Italian and international groups.

Silla Industries lancia la prima rete di installatori per la e-mobility
Silla Industries launches the first installers network for e-mobility