Silla Industries for the Totem GT Electric custom wall charger

Silla Industries is the partner chosen by Totem Auto for the custom magazine of the 20 limited edition copies expected in 2022.
Padua, 11 May 2021 - Three months after its birth, the Paduan start-up of e-mobility collects another success: it will be Silla Industries to create the custom chargers for the Totem Automobili jewel, the highly anticipated Totem GT Electric.

The new car, which will be produced in only 20 units ready for 2022, is a Giulia GT revolutionized in soul and spirit thanks to an unprecedented restoration that has given it an electric unit (in the rear-central position) with of over 500 hp with 400 km of autonomy and the use of a special military liquid capable of maintaining a constant temperature inside the battery bank, never exceeding 38 ° C.

A disegnare e realizzare il caricabatterie custom, sarà la start up padovana, che ha lanciato da poco la sua famiglia di prodotti Prism, con caratteristiche tecniche uniche.

"We are really proud to marry such an important project that sees the transformation into EV of a historic car with truly unique features" comment Alberto Stecca and Cristiano Griletti, founders of Silla Industries. “And we are doubly happy because Totem Automobili was founded by Riccardo Quaggio, who is our age and lives a few kilometers from us, in Venice; and because this agreement allows us to go overseas, given that the Totem GT Electric will primarily be sold in America and Asia. Having been chosen to accompany such a jewel is a real dream come true ".

The Totem GT Electric will be produced in a limited edition and will have a starting price of 430 thousand euros. Delivery of the first production cars is expected in 2022.

Silla Industries

Start-up italiana fondata da Alberto Stecca e Cristiano Griletti a Padova, Silla Industries con un team di 10 professionisti opera nel settore dell’e-mobility. Sviluppa e produce soluzioni tecnologiche innovative per il mondo della mobilità elettrica e per la migliore gestione dell’energia sia per il mercato consumer con i prodotti a marchio proprio, come Prism, sia sviluppando prodotti custom per grandi gruppi, italiani e internazionali.
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