Silla Industries lancia la prima rete di installatori per la e-mobility

Silla Industries launches the first installers network for e-mobility

Padua, April 29, 2021 - The new data from IEA, the International Energy Agency, speak very clearly: the electric vehicle market will be in full bloom in the next decade. Thanks to current trends and current policies, estimates see them reach 145 million in 2030 worldwide. An extraordinary market that also sees Italy at the forefront as a desire for smart mobility, but too often still penalized by the scarce presence of professional technicians and charging stations on the Italian territory.

"We see this every day: interest in the electric breakthrough is still held back by the fear of not finding adequate support for electric mobility" comments Alberto Stecca, founder of Silla Industries together with Cristiano Griletti. "Thus was born the idea of ​​committing ourselves, as the first, to build the first network of certified installers throughout Italy, a first step to guarantee the customer as well as the professional a certainty in the choice of installation. Each installer will follow a training course on the characteristics of our Prism products and on the techniques for installing charging stations and chargers for electric cars, so that each installation is an extra satisfied customer - and a green car driver - ”.

For the protection of the customer, each installation will be performed according to the rules of the art and, no less important, completed with all the necessary documentation, such as the declaration of conformity or design, depending on the needs of the installation.

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